Back Ole but not without specific objectives

Even the most die-hard fans of MUFC have basic demands from the Manager and its not without any riders even if he is an ex-legend who scored that winner in Barcelona to win the unprecedented Treble in '99.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer started very well last December and has not recovered from the loss to Arsenal, Wolves and Barcelona stretching way back to March last season. Away record is pathetic, creativity from open play non-existent, players just active in transitions like counter-attack, two central defensive midfielders stifle the movement while covering for the only area made strong with summer transfers in Harry Maguire and Aaron Wan-Bissaka (i.e., double whammy!), extremely poor free-kicks and corner-kicks worse than a Championship team, inability to drop non-performing players due to thread bare squad, mounting injuries, sticking to only one system 4-2-3-1 despite poor results, making the number 10 nonexistent on the pitch exasperating the situation further, so on and so forth.

Any new manager in charge of MUFC now would struggle, yes, but might on the contrary develop far more detailed technical plan than just hire young and hungry British players. The injury crisis continues before and after Rui Faria the assistant to Jose Mourinho. MUFC cannot dominate the midfield and control a game even against teams in the relegation places. Selling Fellaini is a step in the right direction until fans favorite Ander Herrera was short changed (while the board renewed and rewarded Phil Jones recently voted the worst defender in the world) leaving the 'engine room' woefully inept.

Ole must deliver a top 6 finish and a good run in at least two Cup competitions esp the Europa. Failing which the manner of the play (urgently needs a reset to initial days of Ole) and player morale will be scrutinized (which not surprisingly has improved since majority of dead wood have been removed), and if found satisfactory given the difficult season he might just be "Our Man of Destiny" as Sir Alex Ferguson prophetically described him, to turn around MUFC in the coming years. Anything short will lead to accusations ascribed to David Moyes - lacking the big picture.

The first quarter of a season over MUFC are 12th in the table which is underwhelming to say the least. League table does not hide the poor performances against Newcastle, West Ham and Crystal Palace while the Wolves draw might feel bit unlucky but the penalty miss owing to confusion on who should take it was their own doing. Ole needs to turn things around especially at three away games at Norwich, Bournemouth and Sheffield United with key players in Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba returning from injuries, else it might not be a surprise if Ole isn't around at the end of November.

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