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Astana away presents best chance for watching MUFC live in a competitive game from India

For MUFC fans from India the 28-November away match in Europa League between Manchester United and FC Astana presents a great opportunity to watch the Reds live in a major competition by travelling from India. India is one of the countries whose citizens may be issued an electronic single entry tourist visa from their Visa and Migration portal from 01 January 2019 onwards. Few advantages are:

  1. Very short travel time for a UEFA competition involving MUFC: Air Astana flights from Delhi to Almaty is only 3 hours 50 minutes duration and then take another flight from Almaty to Nur-Sultan of duration 1 hour 45 minutes.
  2. Currency exchange rate of 1 INR is approximately equal 5 KZT which is great! 
  3. Time difference is ideal with IST as its either -30 minutes in west (Astana) and +30 minutes in east (Almaty).
Main limitation could be the seating capacity of only 30,244 to secure a ticket and its authenticity. Tickets are not yet opened for sale as per FootballTicketNet. Best to travel with trusted friends and apply for Visa & bookings at least 25 days before the date of journey. Weather in late Nov will be around -7 to -10 degrees Celsius.
Disclaimer: Have never traveled to Kazakhstan before.

About Kazakhstan recall two things from childhood, first the Baikonur cosmodrome famous for Russian space launches and its former capital Alma Ata when most of us had to update our knowledge of capital cities of the world after the fall of communism. Later from the movie "Dr Zhivago" came to know about the Ural mountains and recent news of renaming of its new capital Astana to Nur-Sultan.

Cynthia from Journal of Nomads has captured the varied landscapes and interesting stories of the 9th largest country in the world very beautifully. Do go through all the links on the page to support the richly detailed site with excellent photos and description.

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